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Moving Forward Freely

Support for when you want to stop

The Eight Sessions

  1. Honesty
    If I want to get somewhere, it’s a good idea to start by working out where I am! So in this first session, we look at how we so often hide and pretend things are different. The surprise is that being honest with ourselves makes things better, not worse.
  2. Handling Habits
    What makes habits so hard to break? Are all habits bad? How can I break the cycle when I feel trapped? We will look at these issues in this session.
  3. Who Am I?
    “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”. We may say this, but it’s not true - what people say about me can work their way into my head and drag me down. What have others said about me? What do I believe about myself? But what is really true about me? How might this affect what I do?
  4. Emotions
    Emotions such as Loneliness, Anger, Worry and Anxiety can fuel my habitual behaviour. In this session, we look at how to spot the signs, and how to deal with the root problem.
  5. Anxiety
    Anxiety can trap us in a vicious circle of negative thinking and leave us exposed to relying on our dependencies. So how can I avoid getting scared of things that may never happen, or getting stressed trying to control the uncontrollable?
  6. Forgiveness
    Forgiving others - or myself - can often be the key to breaking out of our behaviour loop. It isn’t easy, but it brings real freedom.
  7. Making A Plan
    Sometimes it can feel like I’m wrestling with jelly when I try to make changes in my life. Where do I start, how do I get it all sorted? In this session, we look at some useful techniques for getting the messiness in my life sorted out into some sort of order. It’s really helpful if we can learn to help one another, and that means learning how to listen!
  8. When I Trip Up
    We won’t get far if we assume it will all be plain sailing as we make changes in our lives - how long do New Year’s resolutions last? So in this session, we look at how we can keep things going in the long term. What are the danger signs to look out for in terms of slipping back? We are stronger together, so how can we support each other after this course finishes? It can be hard to forgive myself when I slide, so how can I learn to forgive myself?

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