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Moving Forward Freely

Support for when you want to stop

Finding Freedom

Moving Forward Freely is a course with eight practical, weekly sessions designed to support and encourage you as you make positive changes in your life. That could include tackling strongly addictive behaviours like drink or drugs, or making lifestyle changes if you consider that you're spending more than is good for you on food or on gambling, for example.

What this course is NOT

What this course IS

We will look at what the experts say, but the plan is for us to learn together. We want to learn from each other and learn how we may best encourage and support each other in making positive changes in our lives.

The course consists of three "C"s:


The course consists of eight weekly themes that help us to understand what drives our behaviour and helps us to consider how we can change the way we think and act. There is a booklet which we work through each week.


A course on its own has limited value. We aim to meet as a small, safe, supportive group each week.There will be those leading the course, and those attending - but those leading have not got everything sorted, we will all be learning together. There will be some on the course who will have good ideas to share about things that have worked for them. But remember, we are all different. During the course, the aim wil be to provide opportunities for you to figure out what works for you.


Coaching can sound scary - maybe it will be the time when someone insists I do something I don't want to do! But Moving Forward Freely coaches are trained to listen to what you want to achieve, and to ask questions that will help you clarify your thinking so that you can decide the path ahead. It has to be something you want to achieve or it will never work.

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